A simple way to deploy code to your own cloud

Setup environments and servers with a few clicks, deploy your apps to the cloud in minutes.

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How it works

Connect to with your favorite code repository, spikenode organizes your commit history into a timeline and you can deploy any version to different environments in your cloud servers, manually or automatically after a push.

Spikenode friendly user interface

Continuous Integration and Deployment

After code is pushed and tested by your CI, spikenode can be triggered to automatically deploy to live servers, in any environment you choose.

Zero Configuration

Spikenode uses Ansible to configure the server for you. All parameters are configurable so flexibility is maintained.


Want your staging environment in DigitalOcean, production in AWS? All combinations are welcome.

SpikeNode in 4 steps

  1. Connect your repository

    Favor us with thy code and we shall deploy it. (Deploytheus 13:3-7)

  2. Setup environments

    Create environments, add variables and setup how and when to deploy.

  3. Create servers

    All hosted in your cloud with full control.

  4. Deploy it!

    Single-button deploy or automatically after a git push to any environment.


Private containers with full admin access


Servers are setup by spikenode. All you have to do is tune a few variables.



Every deployment environment have a unique callback URL that will run the deployment upon calling it.

API and Integrations


Connect to GitHub, Bitbucket and multiple cloud providers.


Automatic deployments

Deploy to environments automatically as you push code to a specific branch.

Rich text editors

Full control

Servers are created in your cloud provider and you have full SSH access, we just keep it warm (and updated) for you.

API and Integrations


Integrate with external tools like NewRelic and others (coming soon).

Excellent Support

Come chat with us or schedule a demo, we'll help you to automate your environment.

Excellent support

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